Talent Recruitment

DSP software programer:

Skill requirements:

C language, MATLAB, signal processing knowledge

We need you to

1. work with the designing, coding and testing of DSP program in the project;

2. Cooperate with hardware engineer and FPGA Engineer to complete relevant test and interface          definition;

3. Based on the DSP software development design and system optimization, complete the                    transplantation of MATLAB, C program to DSP program;

4. Compile DSP software development plan documents, development plan and algorithm design          documents;

We want you have

1. Computer, electronic communication and other related college degree. Have other project            experience is better;

2. Profession in C language, familiar with Ti C6000 Series DSP and CCS development environment;

3. Familiar with DSP architecture, complete and update the program.

4. Familiar with MATLAB language and signal processing tool, such as oscilloscope ;

5. Able to write software design documents;

6.Works is responsible earnestly, can bear hardships and stand hard work, under pressure, have stro    ng adaptability

7. Have strong communication and coordination ability, learning ability and good team work;

8. Familiar with  Linux development, with relevant linux working experience is preferred;

MCU programer

Skill requirements:

C language, simulation debugging, digital circuit knowledge, Analog circuit knowledge.

We need you to:

1. Complete the software development of products and new technologies independently.

2. Participate in the functional definition and implementation plan of the initial stage of product development

3. Cooperate with hardware engineer to complete software design and debugging.

4. Be responsible for the update new products and follow-up of old products.

We want you have

1. Electronic, automation, computer, communication and other related college degree;

2. Familiar with MCU C language or Assembly language design, at least know one or more SCM's 51 / STM32 / stm8;

3. Familiar with UART / IIC / SPI and other common communication interfaces;

4. Familiar with keil / IAR development environment;

5. Understand the hardware circuit of single chip microcomputer;

6. Familiar with TCP / IP protocol, Linux / UCOS / FreeRTOS operating system.


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