SDA1416 Multiple Channels Low Power Acquisition And Storage Module


SDA1416多路低功耗采集存储模块.jpgSDA1416 Product Information

SDA1416 multiple channels low power acquisition and storage module have up to 16 channels, with sampling rate up to 140ksps, resolution of 24bit, and power consumption of 800mW in typical working mode (10 channels, 10ksps).

The collected data are stored in the SD card(maximal SD card capacity support 2TB). The data in the SD card can be quickly transfer from gigabit Ethernet.

Whole product use 3U standard size and industrial connector for system integration.


SDP8012-2 Product Characteristics

Number of Channelsup to 16
Input SignalSingle-end signal
Input Voltage Amplitude±5V(AC)
Input Impedance100KΩ
Data Collection TypeSynchronous
Sample Rate140ksps(maximal)
Resolution24 bit
Storage TypeMicro SD card
Storage Capacityup to 2TB
Interface TypesGigabit Ethernet
Data AccessFTP
External TriggerTTL
Time GrantedGPS PPS
Power Supply5V



Standby state:<50mW
Process status: 800mW
Data transmission status: 2W
Size Dimension160mm(L)*100mm(W)*25mm(H)
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃

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