SZ6402 Sonar Electronic System


SZ6402 Product Information

The SZ6402 sonar electronic system consists 64 receiving channels, 2 transmitting channels, signal acquisition and processing storage unit. It has dual power amplifier, power management unit.

The internal functional unit is designed in a modular way, which can increase or decrease the hardware and software functions according to the customer needs.

The whole product use high-strength aluminum alloy shielding structure and aviation connector, which can be conveniently installed on the underwater carrier, with high integration, stability and reliability.

SDP8012-2 Product Characteristics

Number of Channels64
Total Gain94dB
Input Signal Noise0.5uV
Power Output150W
Dimension700mm(L)X280mm(W) X200mm(H)
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Power Supply18~36V

Interface Types

Gigabit Ethernet


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